• Who is innovating Edmonton?

Brothers, best-friends, new citizens, engineers, scientists, students… are you the city’s next problem-solver?

AI & Machine Learning

Pushing machine intelligence, Edmonton’s world-leading expertise in artificial intelligence is already fueling some of the biggest innovations in the future economy.


Dornosh Zonoobi and her co-founders doctors Jacob Jaremko and Jeevesh Kapur are unleashing the potential of ultrasound to solve the world’s radiology gap. Their AI-powered software eliminates the need for an expert to perform or analyze ultrasound scans, allowing a wider range of front-line healthcare workers to perform the procedure. Zonoobi got the idea while completing her fellowship at the University of Alberta’s faculty of medicine and dentistry, where patients would sometimes be flown in by helicopter for a simple ultrasound scan.


Created by University of Alberta alumni Greg Burlett, Frettable is like speech recognition for music. The AI-powered app recognizes notes as they are played and automatically transcribes them into sheet music or tabulations. It was born when Burlett was struggling to write music with a bandmate that moved to B.C. and needed an easy wato collaborate online. The app currently supports vocals, electric guitar, brass and woodwind instruments.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Layering information on top of our own world and even creating new ones, augmented reality and virtual reality will shape the learning and entertainment worlds of the next century.

Scope AR

Former curling champion David Nedohin teamed up with software engineer Scott Montgomerie and 3D content expert Graham Melley to bring workplace training and instruction manuals into the 21st century using augmented reality. A leading software engineering firm, Scope AR was the first company to see the potential for AR to solve industry problems, such as an ageing workforce and job hopping. It now provides augmented reality training solutions to some of the biggest companies in the world.

Serious Labs

Serious Labs builds virtual reality-based industrial training solutions for a new generation of heavy industry workers. Under the direction of CEO Jim Colvin, the company began blending virtual reality with simulation, instructional design and gamification to improve knowledge retention in 2015. Serious Labs also leverages VR technology to allow for real-time, hands-on group training and collaboration without the need for travel.

Web & Mobile Apps

Web and mobile apps power up how we interact with the modern world. From banking to games to everything in between, apps are the constant in our lives and economy.


Founded by Sam Pillar and Forrest Zeisler, Jobber is a rapidly growing software provider that helps field service businesses, such as lawn care and window cleaning providers, quote, schedule, invoice and get paid faster. With Jobber’s rapid but measured growth — from just two employees in 2011 to over a hundred now occupying three floors of a retrofitted Edwardian-era building on Jasper Avenue — it’s poised as one of Edmonton’s breakout new companies.


Created after a difficult divorce, coParenter co-founder Jonathan Verk wanted to ease the process for other parents going through a similar experience. The result was coParenter, a co-parenting management and mediation platform, engineered in Edmonton to take advantage of University of Alberta research expertise. The app helps separating, divorced, and never-married parents manage and organize their co-parenting responsibilities.

Video Games

Video games are the biggest entertainment product of the 21st century, competing with movies, books, and streaming.


Founded in 1995 by UAlberta trained medical doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, BioWare started as making simulators for the health market before the staff quickly decided they would rather be making video games. With the company’s 1998 hit Baldur’s Gate, BioWare established itself as one of the world’s leading voices in narrative games, and a hub for both Edmonton’s tech and arts communities — a legacy that continues to this day.


Brothers Alex and Nathanial Rossol along with co-founder Tom Viinikka work toward new entertainment and education experiences with vrCAVE. Specializing in creating high-end virtual reality spaces using inexpensive consumer-grade hardware, vrCAVE offers everything from computer-generated haunted houses to a zero-g simulation of floating above the Earth in a space station.

Health Technology

Encompassing a wide-range of medical products, health technology touches just about every type of device or drug used as a means to treat or care for patients.

Fedora Pharmaceuticals

Founded in Edmonton in 2011, Fedora Pharmaceuticals Inc. is tackling the increasing threat of superbugs. Through the pursuit of new antimicrobial drugs, they’re set on the discovery and development of “novel antimicrobial agents” to use against multi-drug resistant pathogens.


Born out of 2005 research project at the University of Alberta, company co-founders Craig Knox and Mike Wilson helped commercialize DrugBank as the go-to resource for free drug information. The online database is used by millions around the world  from researchers to pharmacists to the general public. To update the database rapidly, the company uses a team of nine ‘biocurators’ — representing pharmacy, medicine, biochemistry, and other fields.

Big Data

Large data sets can be analyzed to tell us new things about our lives and how we live them. With this analysis we can craft new ways of thinking and power the modern economy.

Darkhorse Analytics

Spun out of University of Alberta research in 2008, the team at Darkhorse Analytics carries the analytical rigour, intellectual curiosity, and “dogged determination” of the academic environment with them today. With that mindset and with a team of accomplished data scientists, the company makes raw data beautiful and easy to understand. Its predictive analysis services and data visualizations empower businesses to make better decisions. 


Founded in 2014, iSmartWays builds hardware and software that collects real-time traffic data using state of the art technologies. Its platforms can be integrated into a smart city plan or used independently to inform traffic management decisions. With research labs and partnerships across the world, iSmartWays aims to improve the “safety, efficiency, and sustainability” of traffic and traffic management across the globe.