• What is innovation in Edmonton?

From life saving health-tech to the perfect GIF

Edmonton’s technology innovation community is doing big things! Here’s what’s happening in Edmonton right now: 

  • A new blood test to detect and predict prostate cancer is changing the lives patients.
  • A device to protect your eyes from the negative effects of digital screens is coming to market.
  • America’s largest truck weigh station bypass service is helping businesses be more efficient.
  • Scientists and musicians are collaborating to invent new sounds with the first guitar pedal made from molecular electronics.
  • A GIF sharing platform is bringing joy to millions of short-attention span viewers around the world.

What’s happening?

Focusing Your Education on Innovation and Tech

Tech jobs are not limited to Silicon Valley. Edmonton is seeing a shift as tech is growing and thriving in our local community. With startups and new companies popping up across the city, new job opportunities have followed suit…

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Edmonton Tech Companies
Creating Game-Changing Impact


This University of Alberta spinoff company developed a medical device that keeps vital organs, like hearts and lungs, viable for transplant longer. By ensuring a constant supply of oxygen, the portable device extends the out of body life of the organ — significantly increasing the number of organs available for transplant.

Run With IT

RWI Synthetics

This company helps you see the future. Using advanced AI Synthetic Agents to peer into the future, the company creates complex predictive systems to test products and rollouts. Using the data produced with these synthetics, clients can then make real-life decisions from designing wireless light switches to making your favourite app stop crashing. 


This company is revolutionizing self-care with its flagship product, UmayRest. The wearable device combines thermal therapy and meditation to treat the effects of screen time on the eyes, as well as our overall health. Not only does it treat symptoms of digital eye strain, but it helps users disconnect from technology to promote better sleep.

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