Welcome to Tech City

Everyone has a different nickname for Edmonton – The Big E, The Chuck, Oilers Nation, Gateway to the North. And, you cannot forget our former slogan – The City of Champions. Edmonton is becoming known as “a primary mover in the tech industry” according to Google’s Head of Communications. How did we get here and how do we tell others? Well, let’s get started.

Our tech industry is nothing new. The University of Alberta opened Canada’s first computer science department in 1964 and is now ranked third in the world for AI and machine learning beating out Stanford and MIT. Pretty impressive for a “quiet and humble” Alberta city?!

DeepMind, a leader in artificial intelligence research, opened its first office outside the UK in Edmonton. Considering DeepMind is owned by Google’s parent company, Alphabet, it shows that Edmonton is on the radar of some of the world’s leaders in tech and innovation.

Innovation is weaved in our city’s DNA as its one of the top initiatives for city government. The City currently has six innovation projects: Autonomous Vehicle Pilot Project, Edmonton Smart City, Business Technology Strategy, CITYlab, Healthy City Initiative and Open Data. All of these projects are designed to help Edmonton grow as a leader using innovation to improve municipal services and boost its citizens’ lives.

Watch the City of Edmonton’s The Evolution of Edmonton video

We are innovative game-changers making strides in health, oil and gas, education, technology, transportation and other sectors. When you are looking for the latest app or technology, look in our backyard first as the talent is passionate, driven and dedicated to improving lives.

When someone thinks of Edmonton, they usually think of oil and gas but we are so much more than that. We are also developers, software engineers, programmers, technical architects and more. Together, we are working to move our city forward and help the rest of the world while we are at it because that is the path of innovators. Welcome to Edmonton, a tech city.