Making the career move into tech

Tech and innovation are growing and booming in Edmonton. Hubs such as Startup Edmonton and TEC Edmonton foster growth for startup companies, which, in turn, spurs on the creation of a variety of jobs.

Yet, many of the jobs in tech did not exist ten years ago. App Development, Data Science, and even Uber driving are all fields that have been recently introduced to the career market.

So what happens when you want to make a change in your career and make your way into tech? Where do you begin? The tech industry is diverse and calls for a variety of skill sets from company to company. A common misconception is that tech jobs are limited to development and writing code. Although there are many jobs within that field, tech companies are also made up of employees who have backgrounds in design, marketing and communications, sales, and more. Within Edmonton, there are a variety of jobs available with continuing education options that can lead you into this industry.

Below is a list of Continuing Education options to explore if you are interested in tech. While off the traditional trajectory, these streams are proving to provide graduates with the knowledge and background needed to not only work in tech but drive it.


Continuing Education Options

NAIT Continuing Education

Grant MacEwan Continuing Education

University of Alberta Continuing Education

Athabasca University Online Courses

Job Resources


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