The Importance of Talking Tech at Home

Innovation isn’t restricted to the glass offices of high-tech companies and the classrooms of revered universities. Innovation blossoms at home. Talking tech at home keeps us informed on developments that not just affect our lives, but determine our future. Encouraging conversations around tech and innovation keep us educated on the industry, and encourages us to contribute. The most crucial outcome, however, is the impact on future generations.

Inspiring children from a young age and getting them interested in the field guarantees a thriving tech industry in the future for our city. If today’s technology-forward world is any sign, we can be sure that the future of the job industry will be heavily reliant on the tech industry. AI and automation will be an important part of every industry and knowing how to code has become a crucial skill. [1] Therefore, it is vital for us to start introducing tech and getting kids interested in the industry from an early age.

How To Introduce Your Kids to Tech

Talking tech at home doesn’t mean lecturing your family on all the latest tech news. There are a few ways to help guide your child to develop an interest about the industry and all that it has to offer.

Make it a part of their everyday lives: In today’s world, we are constantly living and breathing tech. From smart homes to smart classrooms, children are constantly surrounded by technology that didn’t exist a few years ago. Start bringing attention to those parts of your family’s life. Show your kids how tech has affected their own personal lives. In doing so, you will make them much more invested in what you are saying.

Make it fun: Talking about tech doesn’t have to be boring. Tech is an exciting industry with some of the most inventive creations coming out of it. Introduce your children to tech in fun and engaging ways. Show them that the cool sci-fi movie they watched the other night could be a real thing. Did you know there are toys that teach kids about coding and tech in an exciting manner? Check out some example in this link https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/best-tech-toys-for-kids/

Show the relevance to their future careers: The tech industry offers some of the most exciting and high paying jobs. Talk to your kids about the various industries within tech, the kinds of jobs within these industries, and the impact that the work can have on the world. Introduce your children to the local startups and the cool work that they’re doing. The jobs opportunities in tech are fun and exciting and often seem like something out of a movie. Showing your child that these jobs are achievable and happening right in the city will not just inspire them but also show them it is within reach. They too can have a cool exciting job creating new things and changing the world.

The future success of any city depends on the innovation happening within it. If we can spark a passion for tech within our future generations, we are setting our city up for success.

[1] https://www.thetechedvocate.org/why-learning-to-code-is-so-important-for-children/