• Edmonton is innovation

So, what is innovation?

Innovation can be defined in countless ways. It is a new idea, a creative thought, a solution. At its very core, innovation is about coming up with fresh and effective ways to improve our lives and the world around it.

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We’re growing, changing, and moving

The team at Scope AR demonstrate their augmented reality product to visitors during the annual Startup Crawl at Edmonton Startup Week.

Scope AR: Revolutionizing Workplace Training With Augmented Reality

For the past seven years, Scope AR has quietly revolutionized workplace training and equipment maintenance in traditional industries, such as manufacturing, natural resource development and aerospace. But the release of staggering new return-on-investment figures for their customers could change everything for this sleeping giant.

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Where can tech foster and grow?

Post Secondary and Educational Institutions

Innovation blossoms in the classroom. Edmonton’s educational ecosystem includes the U of A, NAIT, MacEwan University, and Edmonton Design Arts College that offer curriculums geared toward various sectors within the tech industry.

Local Tech Community

Edmonton’s local tech community is a wealth of resources and experience. The community is passionate about tech and innovation, and proudly supports the cities tech ventures through mentorship & programs, workspace, and talent support.

The City

The City of Edmonton and EEDC believes in the importance of employing tech and innovation for the development of the city’s economic growth. The City enables high potential businesses to grow, and inspires and encourages development in the city’s innovation sector.


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